NINJA AKASAKA&NINJA SHINJUKU are closed until notice.
    NINJA entertainment restaurant has operated for about 19 years since its establishment in 2001 as an entertainment restaurant visited by dignitaries and celebrities from around the world. However, our situation of coronavirus infection has been more serious than at the time of nuclear power plant accident due to the tsunami 9 years ago.
    Although it was a painful decision, we have decided that on 7th April, NINJA AKASAKA and NINJA SHINJUKU are closed until notice. We are not sure when those reopen.
    We will continue to try a revival, so as not to disrupt the history of NINJA entertainment restaurant that have brought a new breeze to Japanese dining culture.
    As we suppose NINJA restaurant is only entertainment restaurant globally, we believe that it is a treasure and a precious culture of Tokyo, Japan and the world. We are sorry for the guests who have made reservations and who are considering using it in the future.
    Until the day when NINJA entertainment restaurant can revive in this world, we will continue to challenge without giving up.

Willplanning Inc.
CEO Takeshi Yokokawa