NINJA AKASAKA is a ninja-themed entertainment restaurant in Tokyo.

Private and communal rooms are arranged in a labrynth-like dining area, which replicates a hidden ninja village from the Edo era. Waterfalls, ponds and the cries of bell crickets create a thrilling ambiance.

Experience the generosity of a ninja hideout that has attracted royalty, artists and VIP figures from around the world since 2001.

Ninja Road

To get to the hidden ninja village, guests must embark on a long and dark underground adventure.
The ninja road involves a number of surprises, but only those with the heart to enter can find out what they are.

Ninja Akasaka - Ninja Road

Ninja Menu

Our dishes are crafted by chefs in varying fields, from Japanese sushi chefs to masters of French, Italian and Chinese cuisine, as well as pastry chefs.
Fire, smoke and other surprises make our dining experience one-of-a-kind.

Ninja Akasaka - Menu

Ninja Magic

A show you can't miss! Aside from the waiter ninjas, there are highly-skilled advanced ninjas who perform tricks at your table.
Will you be able to see through the illusion?

Ninja Akasaka - Ninja